Finascope is an independent media and professional information service on financial markets and investments in Paris and France. Its objective is to decipher the news for a local or international audience.

Available in French and English, Finascope is intended for executives and employees of asset managers, institutional investors, companies, banks, financial intermediaries, government agencies, local authorities, consultants, law firms, recruitment specialists, etc.

The media provides its readers and subscribers with reliable information that is close to their concerns, content that is indispensable in their daily work, for their strategic decisions or their wealth management.

Finascope seeks to distinguish facts from rhetoric and to focus on the essentials. Our medium favours quality and exclusivity of information over quantity of publications.

The articles are divided into five categories (trend, operation, strategy, regulation, innovation) developed day after day through the events and key players that make the news.

The editors of Finascope are experienced journalists who have sometimes expanded their career in the banking or financial world.

Finascope also aims to be participative by opening its columns to professionals for analysis and expert opinions on market news and professions. The editorial team ensures the quality of external contributions and excludes articles of a promotional nature.

Independent of the economic and financial world, Finascope treats information impartially, without complacency or desire to harm.


Nicolas Raulot, founder of Finascope in April 2021, is a journalist. He has more than fifteen years of experience in the economic and financial press. His articles have been published in French (La Tribune, L'Agefi), Belgian (L'Echo), Luxembourg (Paperjam) and Swiss (Le Temps) media.

His journalistic career began in France in 2000 at l'Agefi before continuing at La Tribune until 2008. He then moved to Luxembourg where he became editor-in-chief of

Nicolas Raulot has also worked in the financial sector as a money market broker and as an editorial and press relations manager.

He is a graduate of the Institut Supérieur de Gestion (ISG), the Centre de Formation et de Perfectionnement des Journalistes (CFPJ) and the University of Luxembourg (Master in Wealth Management).

Nicolas Raulot is the author of On a vendu la Bourse (Editions Economica, 2007).


Finascope recognizes itself in the Charter of Professional Ethics for Journalists (1918/1938/2011) and in the rights and duties of journalists defined in the Munich Charter:

  • To respect the truth, whatever the consequences for oneself, because of the public's right to know the truth.
  • Defend freedom of information, commentary and criticism.
  • Publish only the information whose origin is known or accompany it, if necessary, with the necessary reservations; do not delete essential information and do not alter texts and documents.
  • Do not use unfair methods to obtain information, photographs and documents.
  • Binding yourself to respect people's privacy.
  • Correct any published information that proves to be inaccurate.
  • To maintain professional secrecy and not to disclose the source of information obtained in confidence.
  • To refrain from plagiarism, slander, libel, defamation, baseless accusations and to receive any advantage by reason of the publication or deletion of information.
  • Never confuse the profession of journalist with that of advertiser or propagandist; do not accept any instructions, direct or indirect, from advertisers.
  • Refuse all pressure and accept editorial instructions only from the editors.